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Pragati Path Foundation doing work on various social causes for society. Organization being conducts the various programmes, like the branches of tree. Every program has being get the success of mission and get chance to direct community involvement and communication.All the programs are related to the issues to whom deliver to the positive message in society.

DURGA (Development, Upliftment & Rehabilitation for the Girls and Adolescent) To empower the undeserved and marginalized individual and community through increased accessibility and availability health care service, protection, skill development program, menstruation, Self-deference and personality development program. A major program running by adolescence group (Voice against eve teasing) has being Advocacy program with Department of police and 1090. “Apni Suraksha Apne” Hath is the program of leadership programme run by Kishori saangathan at Badagaon Block.

Save the Bachpan to create the child friendly environment for all the children who living in urban poverty and to ensure the safe and secure society for all children who facing child sexual abuse. Save the bachapan conduct various program of Advocacy for change the policy related child development program.Through awareness program, exposure visit, and leadership training program, children has being empowered on child protection issues. Child leaders lead the program for stop the early child marriage and sexual abused. Preparing module and conduct training program on organization level.

Mission Aajivika- Mission Aajivika is a Livelihood promotion program. Women has facing huge number of abused because they have not stronger for economically, she totally dependent on family and her husband. She could not take decision for own better health and entertainment.Women have being empowered through livelihood to increase the economic and sustainability&Opportunity for better environment of self-reliant to the women who facing domestic violence. Pragati Path Foundation has conduct livelihood training program under Mission Aajivika.

Hunar- Way to development for the girls and adolescent to living marginalized community through training program. Skill development program and Hunar Training center run by Pragati path foundation in Varanasi District. Hunar Training center is a non-profit center because of girls has needed to indeed the training but she could not have paid any training cost. Pragati Path Foundation organised personality development orientation program, counselling and leadership program at Hunar training center.  


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Deprived Education for Children living in Urban Poverty (Deprivation & Slum, Migrant and Streets Children) Neelam Patel General Secretary Pragati Path Foundation Abstract The existences of slums are prevalent not only in India but throughout the world in other countries also such as China, Japan, Korea and so forth. The main objective of this research paper is to focus upon the educational opportunities available for the slum’s children in India. What is their lifestyle and how does acquiring of education influence their living. The main areas that have been emphasized upon in this research paper are existence of slum areas and population, problems faced by the slum’s children in achieving elementary education, understanding of significance of education by the slum’s children, objectives to endorse education amongst the slum’s children and factors affecting the demand and supply of education amongst the slum’s children. Slum areas in India are in a very un

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  large number of girls and women have to face the problem of menstruation. They cannot express the situation because our society does not allow fighting and talking about this stigma with respect to their dignity. The health of girls and women is a big issue. Pragati Path Foundation continuously works with women and adolescent girls freedom from words like stigma which given by the society. Pragati Path Foundation organizes meetings and awareness about menstrual education and ensures distribution and use of sanitary pads through pad banks. Pad women have ensures beneficiaries and delivers the benefits of pad bank to the beneficiaries and talks about menstrual education. Now the beneficiaries have started discussing and talking about menstruation and health.    a)