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16 Days Campaign against gender-based violence

  16 Days Campaign  against gender-based violence To prevent violence against women, a 16-Days program against gender-based violence was organized, to reduce incidents like domestic violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, "Your protection does not protect me" Done by Pragati Path Foundation and Ibtida network in Baragaon block of Varanasi district. During the campaign, various programs like Mahila Kisan Seminar, cultural programs, street plays, rallies, meetings at Panchayat level and human chain were organized against gender based violence in rural areas. The rural women demanding the identity own their work.  They showed our right through activity and talk show. The women led the 16 days program and be the example for other women who do not get their own right. The collectives group of women and adolescence are freely talk about the situation and problem. Those who they don't come out their home.  Women are breaking patriarchal thinking for their future generations

The stage show……. “Your protection, does not protect me”

  Sunita lead the program of “Meri Pahchan Mera Adhikar” as a women leaders, she conduct the energise activities. I would like share the stage play which the theme was “ Your protection, does not protect me” , she played the role of her husband and she was trying to show the mind-set of patriarchal society who stopped the development of women. She wear the paint and shirt and never ever forgotten her ‘Pagadi’.  That time she was not stop and broken the rule of ‘Ghughant’. Sunita played the beautiful stage show in front of man (male dominated society) and raise the voice behalf of all women. Without hiding any facts and hiding feelings, now she talks openly on the issue of women.

International Women's Day...2022

  Pragati Path Foundation organized Mahila Kisan Samman program on 8 March 2022on the occasion of International Women's Day.. In this program, discussions were held to ensure women's identity and rights to women farmers. Through this program, women from various village panchayats participated and made the organization stronger. This program was very wonderful for women. Women of Progressive Mahila Kisan Sangathan used to discuss within four walls or even among few women, for the first time, on the occasion of International Women's Day, a big platform was found so that they could do what they did. Share your thoughts on the work done and how you see this organization as a larger organization. Women are never respected for the work done by them, due to which there is a lack of confidence in women. On the occasion of International Women's Day, the women of Progressive Mahila Kisan Sangathan made an upcoming strategy and with the new women involved in the organization,

Menstruation Education for Rural Women and Adolescent- MERA:-

  large number of girls and women have to face the problem of menstruation. They cannot express the situation because our society does not allow fighting and talking about this stigma with respect to their dignity. The health of girls and women is a big issue. Pragati Path Foundation continuously works with women and adolescent girls freedom from words like stigma which given by the society. Pragati Path Foundation organizes meetings and awareness about menstrual education and ensures distribution and use of sanitary pads through pad banks. Pad women have ensures beneficiaries and delivers the benefits of pad bank to the beneficiaries and talks about menstrual education. Now the beneficiaries have started discussing and talking about menstruation and health.    a)

Ensuring Social Protection: -

  Pragati Path Foundation has established efficient and well-functioning community convergence (CCFFs) forum which provide crucial services for people from marginalized communities to access government schemes and entitlement.   a)